The European Technology Experience centre (ETEC) is an ecosystem that has been set up by EBTC to support EU and Indian companies/research institutes succeed, by meeting midway and deploying global expertise with highly localised strategies. ETEC centres act as the dedicated physical platform for European technologies in India providing sustained visibility, presence and interaction with the relevant stakeholders in India.

ETEC centres are the only centres in India dedicated towards showcasing and demonstrating European technologies.

Key features of ETEC 

Technology Demonstration

  • A technology hub on campus to demonstrate European technologies physically or virtually and to experience how these can work under Indian conditions.
  • A specially designated area to foster new innovative models of technology collaboration between Europe and India for displaying clean technologies and for supporting technology transfer.

Innovation Zone

  • An entrepreneurial incubation space where one can learn about cutting edge research and technology developments that are being carried out both in Europe and India.
  • A lab to adapt select European technologies for the Indian market and to improve their technical performance and more specifically, economic viability in India through joint localisation and Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

Vocational Training

  • Conduct customised vocational training programs and webinars targeting the needs of the Indian industry, researchers and students by leveraging European expertise.