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Sana Water Solutions
21 Jul 2016

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Sana Water Solutions - Eco-innovative Water Technologies Providing healthy, locally appropriated and truly sustainable water treatment solutions for the Water, Food and Farming Industries.

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1. EW is an universal biocide eliminating all kind of virus, bacteria, fungus, spores, algae, mold 100% biodegradable and harmless for Human and Environment. 2. Ecological and cost-effective alternative to traditional disinfection methods. 3. 70-80 times more efficient than chlorination/sodium hypochlorite (Culp/Wesner/Culp, 1986) The technology can have its application in following sectors; Water treatment systems, disinfectant in agriculture, poultry and dairy farming, medical, food processing industries, etc


A. One of the most efficient biocide known today (OMS) 1. Main active molecule: HOCl (Hypoclorous Acid) 2. Can be used in all stages of disinfection and cleaning 3. Fast acting (100ms for E. Coli) – reduce sterilization contact time 4. Eliminate biofilm & legionella 5. Microorganisms do not create resistance (> 10 years testing) B. Non toxic to humans, animals and environment 1. Can be safely dispose of in sewage systems in its pure form 2. Hypoallergenic, do not require special handling 3. No toxic by-products (chloramine, trihalomethane, etc.) C. Can be used in different forms: liquid, ice, aerosol (fog) 1. In-situ production from water, salt (1,5-7g NaCl or KCl /L) and electricity (4-15W/L) using electrolysis principles 2. Eliminate handling and storage of chemicals 3. Production cost: < 0.02€/L (in Western Europe) 4. Usage at small dosis: 0,1 - 5% for water disinfection 5. Excellent Return on Investment D. Three solutions can be produced out of the unique and patented electrolysis cell thanks to its permeable membrane and high quality rare materials of the Anode and Cathode: 1- Acidic Anolyte (A) Active Chlorine mg/l = 500 - 700 ppm // pH = 2,0 - 3,5 ORP (Reduction potential) = 1.000 – 1.200 mV Disinfectant, sterilizer, fast acting Used whenever pH is unimportant (no danger of corrosion) 2- Catholyte (K) Active Chlorine mg/l = 0 ppm // pH = 11,0 - 13,0 ORP = -800 – -900 mV Alkaline solution, excellent washing liquid, plus it removes heavy metals from water through precipitation. 3- Neutral Anolyte (ANK) Active Chlorine mg/l = 500 - 700 ppm // pH = 5,0 - 8,5 ORP = 700 – 900 mV Disinfectant, sterilizer Used wherever pH is important (e.g. corrosion)

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Sana Water Solutions
21 Jul 2016

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