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Taxi Share Technology
01 Aug 2017

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The three apps allow registered users to connect safely in real time via in-app messaging and maps. The goal of the apps is to allow registered users to connect safely, efficiently and to share the cost of taxi journeys. The real-time maps allow users to identify other users nearby and connect in order to share a taxi.All versions of the app require the end user to register and create a profile through iTunes or Google Play Store, which will be visible to other registered users.

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Business Opportunity: Taxi Share Technology are looking for licensees in India to promote and market the apps. The licensees should have excellent local area market knowledge, along with great skills in online and social media. The licensees don't need expertise in IT, as Taxi Share Technology will provide full IT back up and support service. Neither will the licensees need to do any R&D, as Taxi Share Technology will be continuously spending in this area, to ensure the apps remain at the forefront of technology. In return for marketing and promoting the apps, the licensees will enjoy, first to market/ early mover advantage and be granted exclusive territorial rights. Licensees will be granted an initial 5 year contract, followed by a further 5 years, subject to targets being achieved, and terms & conditions being met. The business model is very simple, but highly lucrative. Subscribers pay € 3 per month, for unlimited usage of the 3 apps, out of which local taxes, plus Google / Apple fees are deducted, leaving an approximate net fee of € 20 per person per annum. Licensees will be required to achieving a 10% sign up rate (spread over the 3 apps) of the general population of their territory, over the initial 5 years. Out of the € 20 net fee, the licensee will get 75% of all subscriptions, so € 15 per person per annum. This is a huge business opportunity, with cash flow from month one, as soon as subscriptions start coming in, and the recurring revenue. As with all licences, there will be a small up front once off fee, something that will be earned back within the first short period of trading. The Indian market will be split into 4 regions, due to the size of the country, with 1 licensee per region. However, should a company demonstrate an exceptional ability to take the licence for all 4 regions, the application will be considered. Also, as we are granting licenses worldwide, we will consider your interests for other countries too.

Stage of Development:

Available for demonstration

Comments Regarding Stage of Development:

Full development of all three applications has been completed and they are available for immediate download through iTunes and Google Play Store. Additional development work is currently underway to increase functionality of all apps.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:

Excellent local area market knowledge expertise, along with great skills in online & social media.

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Taxi Share Technology
11 Aug 2017

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