LiV - a personal safety wearable

Ignius Ltd.
United Kingdom
25 Nov 2016

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Ignius’ has developed – LiV - a personal safety wearable and platform for women based on Internet of Things and location based technologies.

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There are currently both mobile apps and bluetooth devices on the market in India. However, this is only part of the solution which we are providing. Sending an alert to friends and family is better than having no alert, but often nominated people are not nearby to help. There are also mobile phone apps which contact the police directly. Aside from the difficulty of using a mobile phone in an attack situation, there is a general mistrust of the police (given past insensitivity to attacks on women) and the response can be slow, given shortages in police numbers. Our system aims to bring together multiple organisations to coordinate the protection of women: their employers, private security agencies and the police. We believe that an integrated approach is the best way to provide this protection.


There are 380 million women of working age in the country thus making them a key stakeholder in India’s rapidly growing economy. However, limited access to public spaces impacts their rightful share in India’s economic and social progress. Numerous isolated initiatives involving authorities, educational institutions, corporates and NGOs have been introduced to make Indian cities safer for women, but there is a need for robust, integrated and sustainable solutions. Forward-thinking businesses and industry alliances are taking big steps to ensure that their female employees have equal opportunities and provision of their wellbeing and safety, both in and outside of work. We see that a system to protect the safety of their workers could be delivered as a benefit, just as healthcare and pensions is currently. Additionally, for visitors to India, who are unfamiliar with frenetic bustle of the cities, travelling around can be quite daunting, especially given that they lack the normal support networks that they may have back home. Therefore, the ability for hotels to provide a safety system that can be summoned by a click of a button is also an attractive benefit that can provide distinction from competitors, and builds on their brand of trust and safety. In addition to business and hotels, our initial focus will be on the families of university students who have to travel across the city to learn and study. The provision of an easy-to-use alerting and first-response system is extremely attractive to keep their loved-ones safe. India’s Smart Cities vision is also about making cities environmentally sustainable, with increased access to public spaces and public amenities including trans

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Ignius Ltd.
25 Nov 2016

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