EU – India Smart Cities Knowledge & Innovation Program

Knowledge and innovation is an integral part of success of any project. EBTC together with its partners have commissioned a program to support the ambitious (Re) Development of 100 smart cities initiative of the Government of India. 

The (Re) Development of the Cities would be done with support of multiple stakeholders both from public and private sectors, check apart from the Central Government in India, medical the State Governments, Municipalities, Urban bodies, International Governments, multilateral and bilateral bodies, Management Consulting companies, Urban Infrastructure Consulting firms and premier academic institutions will have a major role in shaping up the Smart Cities Initiative in India.

EU - India: Clean Ganges Mission Dialogues & Enterprising Momentum

EU-Clean Ganges Mission platform is one of the most prospective initiatives of European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) with now over 44 companies enrolled on the platform as the most competent water companies from Europe possessing competencies in the areas of water and waste water management.

Cleantech Futures Conference by Cambridge Cleantech

Smart Cities: From Leading Edge Thinking to Commercial Delivery Solutions & Contract Opportunities

EBTC sponsored the Cleantech Futures Conference organised by Cambridge Cleantech on 2nd June 2015. The event saw over 100 enthusiastic participants and Mr. Philippe Adriaenssens (Advisor – International Affairs, patient EUROCHAMBRES) represented EBTC to inspire the companies present of the many smart city opportunities in India, and the enabling role that EBTC plays with the support of local experts in India.

Clean-tech Industrial Demand Mapping in South India

For European business or research organization intending to make market entry to India, shop it is strongly opined to have sustained visibility, story presence and interaction with the relevant stakeholders. European organizations, sovaldi in general, attempts to find a partner, investor, project opportunity in India to get started. However, lack of right partners and identifying the demand gap has proven to be a huge hurdle for those companies intending to penetrate Indian market. To identify the demand gap for clean technologies in the Indian market, EBTC and Fraunhofer designed and developed the activity ‘Industrial demand mapping for clean technologies’. This activity will facilitate the understanding of the demand in various industrial sectors thereby enabling the optimal deployment of right technology to bridge the demand gaps.

Building EU-India IPR capacity

EBTC & EPO conducted workshops across India in June 2015

EPO and EBTC organised two technical workshops on the ‘Use of Patent Information for Business Intelligence and IPR Commercialisation’ in Kolkata (1 June) and Bhubaneswar (3 June)which saw over 250 enthusiastic participants. EPO experts provided hands-on training in conducting searches on Espacenet and Global Patent Index (GPI). An ‘Indo-European Conference on Fostering Co-operation in Research, hospital Innovation and IPR’ was also held in New Delhi (5 June).