EU – India Smart Cities Knowledge & Innovation Program

Knowledge and innovation is an integral part of success of any project. EBTC together with its partners have commissioned a program to support the ambitious (Re) Development of 100 smart cities initiative of the Government of India. 

The (Re) Development of the Cities would be done with support of multiple stakeholders both from public and private sectors, check apart from the Central Government in India, medical the State Governments, Municipalities, Urban bodies, International Governments, multilateral and bilateral bodies, Management Consulting companies, Urban Infrastructure Consulting firms and premier academic institutions will have a major role in shaping up the Smart Cities Initiative in India.


As you may be aware, there is much encouragement these days for governments to improve the enabling environment and particularly the regulatory framework in the hope and expectation that this will lead to increased growth in economic activity and bilateral relations. The current favourable scenario complements the launch of the Smart Cities initiative in India.


EBTC through this program intends to bring the European technologies, innovation, frameworks, best practices, case studies and standards to one platform, which would eventually be positioned and presented to the stakeholders at the conceptual and operational stages of the Smart Cities Project in India.

European companies are dedicated to the cause of sustainable infrastructure and creating innovative Solutions for making the cities more liveable. We foresee that the legacy which has been created and executed in European cities in terms of smart infrastructure could have great potential in India’s 100 Smart Cities Project. European technologies and innovative solutions can be adapted to help overcome the challenges in making the 100 Indian Cities smarter and more liveable.

Expansion to International boundaries comes with a cost, ‘high’ risks and challenges related to culture, understanding of the business dynamics, the volatile nature of market, economic policy, sectoral policies all this with a patient approach on ROIs (return on investment) and a missing CONNECT. EBTC through this program offers value propositions to minimise the risks and cover most of the above challenges, if not all.

(Re) Developing 100 smart cities is a very ambitious project and has a great business potential for Indian as well as global businesses. The Unique Selling Proposition for the European companies to offer the stakeholders of Smart Cities projects in India are the technologies, solutions, innovations, benchmarks and the frameworks which could be potentially adapted for the Indian Cities by the Global companies or executed together with Indian Companies.

EBTC knowledge & Innovation Program will be commissioned by the 15th of December 2015. The program intends to create a Body of Knowledge (BOK) with Resources from technologies and Innovative Solutions from the European companies, frame works, best practices, case studies and standards from the European Governments and Municipalities. The BOK will be shared with the Indian Stake holders like State Governments, municipalities, urban local bodies (ULB) and consultants of the municipalities who are facilitating knowledge for the challenges of the municipal infrastructure, experts and other key stakeholders in the value chain. By providing a well researched Guidelines document, engaging in personal interactions, organizing events (focus group discussions, Seminars with focused select audience), setting up capacity building workshops, conducting study tours for the stakeholders involved in the Smart Cities project in India the BOK will be of tremendous value.

EBTC is a not for profit platform, we endeavour to support the Governments and private sector involved in the Smart Cities project in India with in depth information, knowledge of available solutions and frameworks that create visibility as well as access to the innovation and legacy created in European countries. The EBTC program will highlight European solutions to all the decision makers and stake holders of the 100 Smart Cities Project through a single point of CONNECT and our event platforms will also provide focused networking opportunities for the members of the EBTC Knowledge Program.

EBTC would charge a nominal fee to sustain the program execution costs. Some of the key deliverables for the companies, Business member organisations who subscribe to this program:

  • Numerous opportunities to share knowledge with most or even all the key stakeholders of the Smart City initiatives across the country.
  • Build relationships with the key stakeholders / decision makers.
  • The program participants will be introduced to carefully selected Indian private sector counterparts with whom they can team up to get the project executed. For our members there would be opportunities for consulting and project management. By engaging in the concept stage with the decision makers and key stakeholders in India, program members will have the early mover advantage.
  • Position and showcase your technology, solutions in the EU Guidelines document prepared by EBTC for the decision makers and stakeholders of the Smart Cities projection India. The guidelines will serve as a reference for point for available solutions and technologies from across sectors to address the challenges of municipalities, while preparing reference documents, expressions of interest and detailed project reports.

Download: Program Flyer

Note:The program will be commissioned by the 15th of December 2015, we request you to kindly share an email with intent to subscribe for the program to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we would a have limited time frame for the companies to opt for the membership. The intent shared will not have any binding obligation to subscribe to the program. We would invite participation and share the detailed program value proposition and subscription charges with the companies who have shown interest in subscribing the program.