EBTC increases its footprint across Europe

October 2014 to March 2015 was an extremely busy six months for outreach actions in Europe. In a timeframe of just 6 months, search 15 different EU countries were

visited. EUROCHAMBRES and EBTC Partners organised 36 outreach events informing 1514 participants about the activities and services of EBTC.

In addition, another 10 events were attended where EUROCHAMBRES or EBTC staff had speaking slots or were able to engage in pro-active networking, reaching 745 participants. In other words, EBTC reached 2259 individuals through events alone (not counting meetings, phone calls and e-mail exchanges). After the events, the cleantech SMEs with a clear interest in India and potential for the Indian market are introduced to EBTC staff for exploring further engagement.