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The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) was constituted in 2008 as a programme co-funded by the European Union. It transitioned to an independent organisation in March 2016, continuing the EU mandate to facilitate Europe-India cross-border collaboration. EBTC as an organisation is coordinated by EUROCHAMBRES, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


EBTC is promoting and indigenising European technologies as well as innovations to suit the local needs in India through various projects, programmes and initiatives, enabling Indo-European collaborations. EBTC endeavours to support the governments and private sector in India with in-depth information, knowledge of available technologies and frameworks, as well as access to the innovations and solutions created in European countries.

Since its inception, EBTC has played a vital role in creating viable ecosystems for the EU cleantech sector to explore business and research opportunities in India. EBTC is actively supporting European innovations, technologies and solutions for the Indian market entry as a strategic advisor, from finding the right partner or project and facilitating collaborations and joint value propositions, to providing IPR advice, technology adaptation strategies, market exploration studies and inbound/outbound delegations.


All of the above contributes to creating pilot projects on the ground. As an interlocutor on Europe-India policy issues, EBTC is striving to highlight matters pertaining to barriers restricting cross-border trade. Our vision hence is to become a single point of contact for the facilitation of EU-India collaborations. As part of our mandate to enhance EU-India cooperation, EBTC is also actively promoting Indian technologies to European counterparts.