Bio-Informatics & Systems Biology


Bio-informatics and systems biology serves as inter-disciplinary tools for deeper biotechnology studies in health and medicine wherein systems biology approaches are helping us to sequence and analyze for high yielding crops or other subsectors.

India currently has the potential to leverage its strengths in IT, biology and chemistry by utilizing the multidisciplinary aspects of systems biology and bio-informatics. Moreover, the rising developments in this industry sector predict a major revenue growth for India in the next 5 to 10 years. The key players in India include Strand Life Sciences; Cellworks; Ocimum Biosolutions; ConnexiosLife Sciences; vLife; Ganit Labs; Persistent Systems; Molecular Connections; Genotypic; Geschickten Biosciences, and several others. Indian IT firms such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Cognizant and Infosys also maintain relatively small bio-informatics and healthcare sections within their organizations.

Market Size

The bio-informatics segment, which is the smallest of industry segments constituting barely 2% of the market share in the overall industry revenue. In 2011-12, the sector recorded a growth of 7%, clocking $55 million. The sector had witnessed an increase in the domestic revenue during last year. The major players in the segment, Strand Life Sciences and Ocimum iosolutions collectively contributed US$ 24.3 million to the overall revenue.

  • Next generation sequencing, bio-banking, molecular marker studies.
  • Data mining and in-silico analysis (sequencing, microarray, imaging.)
  • Disease and organ models and perturbation analysis.
  • Pathway analysis (both disease as well as metabolic pathways.)
  • Software tool development.

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