To sustain India’s growth, energy supply has to increase by 3-4 times the current supply.

India’s Integrated Energy Policy envisages that the total energy requirement of the country will increase from a current level of about 500 MTOe (Megaton of oil equivalent) to 1536-1887 MTOe by 2031-32. Being the prime mover of India’s economic growth, generic demand for electricity is growing and so is investment in this vital sector.

Renewable energy solutions are increasingly becoming cost competitive. Cost per unit generated by Solar PV is already on par with that of back up Diesel generator sets. India with abundant sunlight and falling prices of PV modules, is cashing on with faster penetration of such solution in remote areas.

Also private and public sectors are progressively investing in renewable energy technologies creating jobs, fostering economic growth, and improving energy security of India, which otherwise depend on imported and fast depleting fossil fuel resources.
There are abundant opportunities for EU players to enter the Indian market to develop and support nascent renewable energy ecosystem under the current enabling policy regime.

EBTC’s efforts in the energy sector focuses on renewable energy (including solar, wind, geothermal, small hydro, tidal and more), energy efficiency, transmission and distribution as well as horizon sectors such as smart grid, storage and fuel cells.

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