Other Energy Sectors


India has an abundant market of opportunities across the energy sector spectrum.

There are abundant opportunities for EU players to enter the Indian market to develop and support the horizon sectors. These include energy efficiency, green buildings, transmission and distribution, off-grid and horizon sub-sectors such as smart grid and energy storage are areas which have lately seen interesting developments.

A few areas of interest and opportunities for collaboration and technology transfer include smart-grid solution providers, energy efficiency, tidal turbines, storage, geothermal, fuel cell research collaboration and consortium partnership.

Off grid distributed energy
  • Approximately 1/6th of India’s inhabited rural villages are off the country’s electricity grid.
  • Aggregate potential of the market EUR 1.45 bln annually, including EUR 1.4 bln for decentralized renewable energy services and EUR 48 mln for energy products.
Energy Efficiency
  • Among sustainability issues, energy efficiency has been driven to the top of the business agenda due to its impact on business performance.
  • Industrial and agricultural sectors can improve by 23%.
  • Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) - energy efficiency targets for 580 industrial units operating under 8 sectors, altogether consuming over 44% of India’s energy use.
Green Buildings
  • The Green building footprint in India is over 1 bln sq.ft – second to the USA.
  • High-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Affordable green building materials as per lifecycle (building) costs.
Smart grid
  • Plans to install 130 million Smart Meters by 2021.
  • Prediction: India will emerge as the world's 3rd largest smart grid market after the USA and China.
  • The market may touch EUR 1.4 bln by 2015 as per ZPRYME’s latest report.
Energy Storage
  • The storage market has been growing steadily over the years, averaging 10.9% annually: from EUR 2.4 bln in 2006 to over EUR 3.6 bln in 2010.


  • Geothermal fields have been identified with yield, but are yet to attract demo & evaluation projects.

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