EBTC Water Partnership


EU Expertise, Technology and Solutions for the India Water Development Programme

The EBTC Water Partnership for India (EWP-India) was launched in 2013 to support the deployment of EU technology and expertise in India Water Development Programme's innovative projects.

EWP-India supports EU businesses, clusters, organisations, research institutes and platforms to establish their presence in India's evolving water and wastewater subsectors. EBTC is an exclusive partner for the EU of IWDP.

EBTC has also partnered with ReserWater Innovation Foundation - India's first water innovation cluster. Strategic Partners will also get opportunity to partner with the Foundation.

Get involved & become a partner

EWP is inviting institutions to become nodal partners across Europe in three categories:
1. Technology Transfer
2. Research & Innovation
3. Project Development

Or join as a member to offer your unique technology, knowledge or solution to the Indian market. This could spread across engineering, instrumentation, modelling, research or other unique offerings.

Exclusive EWP Projects
A distillery project

(Bidding concluded on March 14, 2014)

A pulp and paper project

(Bidding concluded on March 14, 2014)

Expression of Interest (EOI)

To express an interest in an exclusive EWP Project, please give a brief overview about the company, technology, any presentation material and qualifications for undertaking the specific project. Only shortlisted companies will be invited for technical discussions. Successful bidders  will be invited to become a strategic partner of IWDP (EWP-India). This entails a commitment fee of €5,500 annually and multiple benefits to participate in all IWDP initiatives including commercial projects, research and innovation initiatives, as well as events and workshops for a year. This commitment fee would enable EBTC and IWDP to project the selected technology to the project owners. Thereafter the project will be developed around this technology.


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