Rejuvenating and restoring lakes and water bodies in India - TechSub (France)


TechSub (France) and Enzen Water (Bengaluru) solidified their relationship at an Environment Mission by EBTC to jointly evaluate the opportunity to rejuvenate and restore lakes and water bodies in India.

The restoration of water bodies requires a sound knowledge of the environment and the ecosystem. This project will bring together all of the required skills to rehabilitate water bodies, ensuring complete, effective and long lasting solutions. 

Equipped with the best standards for resource management, and following eco-friendly methods of restoration, they will be able to counter the eutrophisation of aquatic environments using renewable energies through this venture.

Through partner research and identification, matchmaking and relationship facilitation, EBTC connected TechSub and Enzen Water to share and promote technologies and solutions thereby implementing support programs for water quality improvement and conserving water bodies on an exclusive basis at select locations across the country.


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