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Convert EU research projects into business through the 'RIB' model

EBTC's 'Research to Innovation to Business' (RIB) initiative aims to facilitate the process of converting EU research projects into innovative and sustainable business, by promoting links and creating networks between EU and Indian research, business, institutions, and entrepreneurs.

The RIB process is an integral part of the Strategic Research Agenda between EU and India. Furthermore, EBTC is a part of the Industry Stakeholder Group, being implemented as part of the Strategic Research Agenda, as described in the official communiqué of the Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership Conference, held in Brussels on May 31, 2012.

The RIB initiative can support EU based institutions as well as entrepreneurs as per the following process:

  • Development of local business models and strategies.
  • Creation of linkages with relevant stakeholders including technology partners.
  • Access to financial networks including venture funds.


Stage 1: Research & Innovation Stage 2: Transition
Stage 3: Business
Exploring joint EU-Indian product or solution development is the first step to transitioning European solutions to the Indian market:
  • European researchers, institutions and SMEs can leverage lower cost research at world class facilities and with highly talented researchers in India. EBTC proactively connects EU researchers and entities to opportunities in India, and through the IPR Helpdesk, EBTC can also help address IPR issues.

  • India can benefit from European expertise in research management and mentoring to increase the chances that research projects can lead to innovation
A challenging phase made easier through EBTC's expertise and expert networks that provide technology management for EU solutions to be adapted, deployed and applied in India.
  • Technology Localization Model: (TLM)Through TLM, EBTC is promoting the seamless adaptation of EU technologies in India, which includes a thorough analysis of the technology, and commercial viability of an EU solution in the Indian scenario, to find the best possible avenues to utilize Indian engineering to adapt the technology to the Indian market.

  • Joint product development & transition to the market:
    EBTC provides business development support up to commercialization, including business plan development, connecting to early stage incubators, possible joint venture (JV) partners, investors, and more.


EU entrepreneurs can work with Indian counterparts to leverage projects and funding sources. RIB will be creating a network of Indian and European entrepreneurs and financial organisations interested in investing in projects and joint ventures.
  • Commercialization: The business stage will look into the commercialization aspects of the aforementioned two stages.

  • Collaborations: This stage is also representative of business deals and JV's that can be facilitated between EU and Indian entrepreneurs or organisations.


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