Bringing an innovative floating solar platform to India - Ciel et Terre (France)


Ciel et Terre’s innovative floating solar platform -Hydrelio© -allows standard PV panels to be installed on large bodies of water such as drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals or remediation and tailing ponds.

A simple and affordable alternative to ground-mount and rooftop systems, the floating system is particularly well suitable for energy and water-intensive industries who cannot afford to waste either land or water.

Ciel et Terre attended the EBTC Environment Mission 2011 in Bengaluru, and since then, EBTC have been assisting them across Southern, Eastern, and North-Eastern India, providing services including partner research and identification, matchmaking, relationship facilitation, and market exploration.

In South India it was during the Environment Mission that C&T signed an agreement with Enzen Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A demonstration of the floating device is being displayed at the Enzen Global office in Bengaluru.

In Eastern India and North-Eastern India, EBTC Kolkata engaged with C&T by introducing them and their technology to numerous relevant people in business and Government. Recognising the importance of local representation in regions as complex and as diverse as Eastern and North-Eastern India, C&T signed an agreement with Klystron Electronics, who today are one of the most widely reputed leading Electrical Construction House in Eastern India, with expertise in working across India from satellite townships and modern residential and commercial complexes, multiplexes, hospitals, corporate sites, and more. EBTC then assisted C&T and Klystron to pitch the technology across the region, assisted with site visits, presentations and facilitating discussions.

“Being based in France, it isn’t possible to find a partner in India, and with the assistance of the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC), we are looking forward to deploying our technology solution in India.”

- Mr. Bernard Prouvost (CEO, Ciel et Terre)

“We are facing an energy crisis with the gap between supply and demand growing day by day, and we need to explore alternative sources. The patented technology by C&T is innovative, combining solar power generation with water treatment. Vast water resources such as water ponds, industrial reservoirs can be used, and the technology can also improve the quality of water.”

- Dr Uma Rajarathnam, Associate VP of Enzen Global Solutions, Pvt. Ltd.


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