Introducing ‘Tranquil Aquabion’ to India, via Enterprise Europe Network - Ion Aquabion (Germany)


Every year, damage caused by limescale and corrosion in pipe lines used in potable, find industrial, and waste water applications, results in a large cost for buildings and industries. Within the Green Building sector this results in concerns over sustainability and high recurring costs to projects worldwide. However, this also presents a huge opportunity for environmentally friendly technology solutions in water treatment segment.

For nearly 25 years, the ION AQUABION group from Dusseldorf (Germany) has been engaged in the field of environmentally friendly, chemical free, water treatment, with more than 100,000 systems implemented globally, and is now entering the Indian market with their innovative solution.

Aquabion approached the Enterprise Europe Network, and Zenit, supported in writing the technology offer, and forwarded qualified EOI’s. Aiming to establish itself in the field of sustainable green buildings, Tropikal Comfort Pvt. Ltd from Maharashtra, India, found the AQUABION® offer via the Enterprise Europe Network, was connected by the European Business & Technology Centre (EBTC) – the network’s nodal point in India after due diligence. EBTC also supported the discussion for Tropikal with AQUABION® through Zenit, and today, Tropikal Comfort is the sole agent of AQUABION ® in India.

In India, the brand will be known as ‘Tranquil Aquabion.’

“Water treatment systems can be a lot more lucrative for plumbing companies than carrying out complex renovations. The Indian market is a very large and challenging market with many opportunities. More than a billion people live in this growing market and building/construction is of great importance. Here we see a good place for the innovative AQUABION® for treating the valuable resource water with non chemical means right from the start, and educate our clients that the use of salt based technology is not necessary.”

- Mr. Marc Flettner (CEO and owner, ION AQUABION group)

“Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network and with support from Zenit and EBTC; I found Aquabion GmbH, a company from Germany with the technology solutions for descaling and corrosive treatment for water supply in the plumbing systems and signed a very fruitful contract as the sole agency for its products in India. We would especially thank you and your team members from EBTC for enabling us to work for our partnership.”

- Mr. Nikhil Shah (Director,Tropikal Comfort)


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