Energy Project Opportunities


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Project Reference Sub-Sector Requirement
0179E_ENER_B Biogas to Power

The Indian company wants to enter into joint venture agreement or Manufacturing agreement for the below products: 

1) Biomass Gassifiers, 
2) Biogas H2S scrubbers, 
3) Biogas up-gradation systems
4) Small Steam Turbines manufacturing in India
5) Solar panel and projects
5) CNG compressors (only sales representation and possible packaging)
6) Gas Turbines (only sales representation)


Solar PV

Equity and technology participation from an EU entity in manufacturing of PV modules, PCU, inverters and other components related to solar power systems.


Hydro Turbines

Advanced version of vertical Francis type hydro turbines and synchronous generators with higher efficiency and more energy conservation.

0175E_ENER_R Sustainability Index

Joint Research Collaboration with universities from EU to develop a model that will be designed to estimate sustainable energy usages of corporates and gradually define a Corporate Energy Sustainability Index with a set of sustainable energy indicators.

0174E_ENER_B Solar PV

Indian Company is seeking EPC contractors / companies who has worked in the field of Grid connected Solar PV power turnkey projects

0171E_ENER_R Smart Grid

The Indian promoter wants Technology/Research Collaboration with any EU entity like:
1. Electric Power Company – who would be interested in testing and deployment;
2. Power Grid – who can provide the relevant data; and
3. Power Equipment Manufacturer – who would be interested in integration with their existing products.

0165E_ENER_B Energy Efficiency

Technical Collaboration with Industrial fans/Blower manufacturing company having own design capacity for industrial fans/blowers, covering following range:
1) Centrifugal fans (Air flow volume: up to 20,00,000 m3/hr static pressure: up to 4000 mmWG & temp up to 600 C)
2) Axial Fans (Air flow volume: up to 20,00,000 m3/hr, static pressure: up to 2000 mmWG & temp up to 200 C) ( The design range for axial fans should include auto variable pitch type fans)

0164E_ENER_B Energy Efficiency

Specific technology requirements for:

1. Electrostatic Precipitator
2. Cooling Tower- Induced draft and Natural Draft

0163E_ENER_B Solar PV  Specific technology requirements for:
  1. Solar Grid connected power conditioning devices used for solar photo voltaic project.
  2. On Grid and Battery Charging hybrid solar inverter.


Solar PV

Seeking manufacturers of Solar Photovoltaic cell with:

  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Commercially well established
  • Interested in exploring the Indian market 

The type of partnership expected is a commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement, services agreement or franchise agency agreement.

0152S_ENER_R Clean-IT, smart grids, Intelligent Transport System
  • Energy: Applications of energy like: Smart Grid Energy, Protecting Energy Systems, Security Risk Management in Power Grid Systems, Build Culture of Security in Energy Sector
  • Biotech/Healthcare: Area of technology co-operation in 1) Healthcare Security Strategy, 2) Secured Information Management, 3) Biotech Cyber Deterrence/Espionage, 4) Security Risk/Incident Management in Bio-tech industries, 5) Cyber Security Investments in Bio-tech Industries
  • Transportation: - 1) Intelligent Transport Systems, 2) Cyber Security and Risk Management in Transportation Systems, 3) Security in Logistics Management Systems, 4) Cyber Security postures of Traffic Management Systems.
0151S_ENER_B Energy and Water Solutions for Buildings The Company is seeking technology collaboration for
  • Efficient technology for domestic water purification for drinking purposes
  • Water recycling and purification/treatment techniques for domestic buildings, apartments, etc
  • Low-cost CSP Solutions
  • Solar Structures
0150S_ENER_B High Concentration PV The company is looking for
  • Thermal management Solutions
  • Dual axis sun tracker
  • Battery storage
  • Inverters
  • Optical lens for concentration
0149S_ENER_B Wind, Solar, Biomass IPP
  • Smart solutions to improve the performance of wind turbines and increase the power yield (like short term weather prediction and forecasting).
  • Integrated energy monitoring solutions (and mobile apps) for domestic household sector.
  • Distributed solar energy solutions.
0148S_ENER_R Energy - Solar PV The company will exclusively deal with Grid Connected Solar PV Power Plants from 100 KW to 10 MW and will primarily act as a Technical Coordinator.
The company is interested in collaborating with an off-shore technical solar consultant, who can re-validate the Projectdrawings and plans, including
  • Shading Analysis of the Site.
  • Solar PV Panel Alignment and Mounting.
  • DC Line Drawings connecting to the Inverters, etc.
0143S_ENER_R Solar High efficiency PV, Photonics and Nanotech Technology Partner for Quantum Dot based Solar Cells, Plasmonics and Nano-lithography & Nano-patterning, Graphene based Electronics devices, (Modeling & Simulation), Nano-photonics based 3-D logic function design and interconnects, Nano-materials for Sensors and water purification.
0140N_ENER_B Solar (PV) projects in India. The company is into Solar System integration, Solar system design and consultancy. 
0139W_ENER_B Power generation from MSW A landfill gas cleaning technology required from EU entity for MSW plant to capture methane for power generation ~ 450 KW
0130W_ENER_B Rooftop Solar The company is looking for Roof-top Solar Thermal Solutions both for Heating as well as Power applications. 
0119S_ENER_B Biofuels Technology know-how for usage of Napier grass (i) for direct feeding in the boiler (ii) through generating bio-gas and combusting the gas.
0118W_ENER_B Solar  Licensing agreement, Joint venture agreement, Manufacturing agreement 
0107S_ENER_B Wind EU technology partnerships/Joint Venture for supply of wind turbines and manufacturing of blades, nascelle and towers in India
0099S_ENER_B Gas generators Assembly of gas generators and cogeneration power plants;
0097S_ENER_B Power solutions - inverter Looking for reliable supplier of inverter
0096S_ENER_B Wave Energy Wave Energy
0095S_ENER_B Biomass EU Technology and Equipment supplier for the power plant.
  • Competent supplier for the Gasifier, Engine and Generator for 10 MW Biomass Power Plant.
  • Interested in Joint Venture Partners and Equity Investors for this project.
  • Supply of equipment on a BOOT model.
0094S_ENER_B Solar (PV) EU Technology and strategic Partner for development of 100MW solar power PV in Tamil Nadu.
0093S_ENER_B Solar 
  • Collaboration with an EU Partner for Solar PV Module manufacturing, Design Consulting
  • They requires a reliable EU partner who is willing to work closely with us in setting up the module manufacturing plant and providing technical guidance in the manufacturing process. The EU entity should also have some stake in the plant instead of just being in a vendor-customer relationship.
  • They are also looking at this partner to provide us with EPC help while bidding for Solar projects in India.
0056W_ENER_B Distributed Generation EU Technical support and consultancy required for developing Renewable Energy based food processing units.
0055S_ENER_B Solar (PV) A Joint-Venture or collaboration with an EU EPC company with utility scale Solar Power Plant experience- should have commissioned 10MW by now. Promoter is seeking EPC companies who are excited about the Indian Market, willing to participate in the local EPC tenders and support them in project development business.
Since the power projects require both module manufacturer and EPC company for the project to be executed successfully. 
0050N_ENER_B Solar PV ( power plants) EU technology sourcing/partnership in Solar PV off-grid and grid based
0047W_ENER_B Solar (Submersible Pumps & Motors) Technology tie-up for assembly/manufacture of solar water pumps & Motors
0046W_ENER_B Solar (PV) The project is shovel ready and is waiting for financial closure and will be in place maximum shortly as the deadline to start commercial production by 31st Dec. 2011. Required INVESTMENT INTO THE PROJECT.
0044W_ENER_B Solar (Thermal concentrator)  We are looking for technological partnerships in the field of Heliostat based CSP plants – High temperature thermal storage, Efficient receiver technology, ORC & sterling engine. 
0034N_ENER_B Solar (CSP)
  • EU partnership / sourcing for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology.
  • 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant with option for Grid. PPA is not required as the company plans to go through REC route. Land is available.
0030S_ENER_R Bioenergy
  • 1st Phase: To get a proven technology from EU for adaptation with design data for establishing decentralized power plants in rural areas.
  • 2nd Phase: Setting up of large scale decentralized power plant for power generation from waste agro biomass.
0027S_ENER_B Distributed Generation
  • EU technology partnership / technology sourcing: Small wind turbines up to 10kW and between 10kW and 30kW for solar-wind hybrid systems
  • EU technology partnership: PV solar module manufacturing
0022W_ENER_B Solar Thermal (water, waste water treatment) EU technical collaboration for:
  • Water desalination using solar thermal technologies for potable water
  • Solar based technologies for industrial waste water treatment for secondary use 
0021S_ENER_B Energy Storage EU technologies for High-density energy storage super capacitors that can be mass produced at low costs in India.
0020S_ENER_B Solar-thermal (Off-Grid Cooling) EU technologies for low-cost and 100% solar-thermal based air-cooling engine for use in crop-stores at Indian villages.
0016W_ENER_B Energy Efficiency
Distributed Generation 
  • EU technical partnership for design and implementation of advanced energy efficiency technologies for all industrial sectors such as Chlor Alkali, Steel, Thermal Power Plants, Aluminum, Cement, Paper & Pulp and Textiles with special emphasis on utility energy consumption (compressed air, refrigeration, pumping, etc.)
  • EU partnership for Energy Audits .
  • EU Technology sourcing:
    • High efficiency steam turbines (back pressure/condensing) of 30-200 kW capacity.
    • Solar/wind hybrid systems of 50-100kW for lighting and other small industrial applications.
0013N_ENER_B Solar (Power Conditioning Units) EU technology sourcing of String Inverters* (2-100 kW) for solar power plants (Power Conditioning Unit for grid interface)
0012W_ENER_B Smart Grid
 Distributed Generation
  • Smart Grid hardware design and manufacturing
  • Demand Response models and implementation systems
  • Distributed renewable energy system for projects in India (small scale solar, biomass, wind).
0011W_ENER_B Biomass to Energy
  • EU Technologies for liquefaction of producer gas from gasifiers of 1 ton/hr to 10 ton/hr of biomass processing capacity.
  • EU technologies for Biomass (cellulostic) to Liquid Fuels.
  • EU Partners for marketing, installation and after-sales-service of their gasifiers in Europe (they are presently working in several European countries in this area).

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