Environment Project Opportunities


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Project Ref Sector Requirement
0001N_ENVI_B Air Quality Procurement of online (direct reading) instruments and hand-held instruments for monitoring pollutants like PM 10 / PM 2.5, Ozone, Carbon monoxide, VOC, Benzene, etc.
0002N_ENVI_B Waste Water 
  • EU technology transfer for “Sequential Batch Reactor” technology
  • EU technical support in implementation and commissioning of SBR technology
0003W_ENVI_B Waste Water Air Quality

The Company is looking for a European partner for technical collaboration in:

  • Design of small and medium scale waste water treatment plants
  • Design of air pollution control equipment (bag filters, mechanical dust collectors and scrubbers, electro-static precipitators and cyclone separators, flue gas desulphurization); interested in importing such equipment from EU for small to medium scale power plants and cement industries
0004S_ENVI_B Waste to Energy Energy Efficiency

EU technical collaboration of projects for:

  • Energy efficiency and GHG emission reductions in small and medium scale industries such as Dairy, Paper and Pulp, Food Processing, Coffee Processing, Cement, Power, Steel and Foundry Sectors
  • Waste-to-energy projects from animal dung, poultry litter and municipal waste
0005S_ENVI_B Waste Management
  • EU technology transfer: Green recycling technologies for inorganic dry waste – material recovery from hazardous wastes, waste compression equipment for plastics and cardboard waste.
  • EU technology sourcing: equipment for producing organic biodegradable packaging / sourcing such packaging products.
0006S_ENVI_B Waste Water Waste to Energy

EU technology sourcing: Membrane technology (MBR) to be adapted to Indian conditions for residential and commercial sectors.

EU technology partnership:

  • Waste to energy for municipal solid waste.
  • Bio-cultures for treatment of wastewater and municipal solid waste.
0007S_ENVI_R Environment  Technical cooperation from European academic and technical institutes for:
  • Design of Centre activities
  • Operationalization of lab and centre
  • Research opportunities (collaborate on pilot projects).
0008W_ENVI_B Waste Water
  • Advanced European technologies/equipment in water and waste water treatment.
  • Marketing European raw water and waste water treatment equipment in India.
  • Manufacturing of EU equipment in India [as per their specifications] and supplying it to them under their brand name/label.
0009S_ENVI_B Waste Water/ Waste to Energy EU Advanced* technologies in Waste Water Treatment. Hazardous waste  management and waste to energy systems (*Currently used technologies listed below. Indian company is looking for more advanced/innovative technologies)
0010W_ENVI_B Waste Water EU Advanced* technologies in Raw Water Treatment. (*Currently used technologies listed below. Indian company is looking for more advanced/innovative technologies
0017S_ENVI_B Waste Water, Waterless Urinals
  • Advanced EU technology on Water Urinals and waterless toilet solutions. Like Pans and also advance design and new technology on waterless urinals.
  • EU technology partnerships in Biogas waste treatment equipment.
0018W_ENVI_B Air Quality EU partnership in gas sensor technology (Infrared, Paramagnetic, Zirconia, Semiconductors etc.) for air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, ozone, ammonia, hydrocarbons, etc. and process gases
0019S_ENER_B Water Purification EU technologies for counter-top water purification that provide near-RO quality filtering at 50% or lower cost.
0023W_ENVI_B Waste Water Waste to Energy

The company is looking for EU technology for:

  • Advanced waste water treatment technology for sugar and textile industrial waste (about 500 m3/day of liquid waste)
  • Waste to energy from municipal solid waste 
0024S_ENVI_B Waste Water Treatment 
  • EU technical collaboration of projects for:
  • Advanced waste water treatment technologies (technologies such as MBR and FBR) for small, medium and large scale industries such as pharma, textiles and distilleries.
0025S_ENVI_B Waste to Energy Energy Efficiency
  • Technology partnership: EU technology partnership for waste-to-energy from Municipal Solid Waste for capacities between 200 and 1000 tons/day.
  • Technology sourcing: Biomass gasifier technology (1-1.2 tons/hr) for steel rerolling mills; high efficiency wind turbines of 1-3 MW capacity.
  • Technology sourcing: Energy efficiency technologies and management for data centres.
0029S_ENVI_R Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • 1st Phase: To get a proven technology from EU for adaptation and implementation in Indian condition.
  • 2nd Phase: Setting up of large scale plant for power generation from MSW from Municipal solid waste.
0031S_ENVI_R Environmental Policy & Research

EU research collaboration with:

  • Research institutes conducting applied (not primary) research.
  • Organizations with a strong capacity building agenda focusing on environmental management.
  • NGOs who follow a missionary approach (secular) in respect of advocacy, policy, outreach and practice.
0033N_ENVI_B Waste Management Green Buildings
  • EU technology sourcing for extraction of silica from rice husk ash from their 14MW biomass based power plant.
  • EU technical support in manufacturing bricks / walling materials from rice husk ash.
0039N_ENVI_B Waste Management Waste to Energy Decentralized integrated urban solid waste management. Technology for briquetting / pellet gasifiers / JV for project funding and resource support and contribution
0045S_ENVI_B Air Quality
  • EU Technology partners for Air pollution control technology for Bag Filters, ESPs, etc.
  • EU Technology for Industrial Fans
0101S_ENVI_B MSW to Energy
  • EU technologies for 15MW MSW to Energy gasification plants
  • EU pollution control technologies (Flue gas treatment) for both the plants (8MW + 15MW)
  • EU technologies for Integrated Waste Management – Solutions for land fill management and odor control
0102S_ENVI_B MSW to Energy Integrated technology for compost and biogas mechanization for 6MW power generation from 1000 t/day MSW (have a 20yr contract with BBMP) Recovery of green bricket coal
0103S_ENVI_B Bio waste to Energy EU Technology Partnership for a Bio waste to energy (rice/paddy husk) of 12MW plant in Karnataka (all the permissions have been obtained)
0104S_ENVI_B Waste Water to Energy Eu technology to enrich methane content in biogas. Currently producing biogas from waste water: Methane content is 60 – 65% 
0105S_ENVI_B Bio waste to Energy EU Technologies for biomass gassification from the cellulostic waste from ETP EU Technologies for bio gas generation from wood chip wash liquor
0106S_ENVI_B Waste to Energy Small scale/portable MSW to energy
0128W_ENVI_B Green Building - HVAC Need technology in sustainability HVAC industry either for local manufacturing or for sales/distribution.
0138W_ENVI_B Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling / Management R & D, testing, evaluation and benchmarking of convective solar furnace technology
0146W_ENVI_B Environment –  River or Drain water treatment Proposal is invited for a technology using bio-chemical reactions to oxygenate the river water to a level that is conducive for the growth of aquatic life (even if it remains unpotable) There is an additional requirement of beautification of river banks to make it a picnic spot by turning the river into a more pleasant looking one and by removing stench.
0155N_ENVI_B E-waste segregation, recycling, metal recovery & refining

The Indian company would like to process printed circuit boards in India using the requested e-waste recycling/ metal recovery technology. The technology should be proven, and in operation for a couple of years. Hence recovered metals to have purity for sale, and any waste water should be treated for discharge or use as water for horticulture. The facility will be a zero discharge facility.

  • Type of partner sought: Expertise in e-waste recycling.
  • Specific area of activity of the partner: Interested entity should have experience in recovery/recycling of precious metals and harmful metals and treatment of any resultant waste/effluents.
  • Tasks to be performed: Technology and assistance in sourcing of key equipment (preferable from within India) in the above areas.
0156W_ENVI_B Carbon black industry for tyres, industrial rubber goods

Require technology for manufacturing precipitated silica starting from sodium silicate. However, this precipitated silica product should be highly dispersible in nature as compared to conventional precipitated silica. Thus, it should have typical particle size as < 1 micrometer, surface area (BET) in range of 100-400 m2/g. It should be consisting of majority of soft agglomerates, which can get easily dispersed in rubber tire formulations.

Current and Potential Domain of Application: Tyres, industrial rubber products viz. belts, hoses, tubings, gaskets, wiper blades etc.

  • Type of partner sought: Academic organization, national laboratory or small and medium enterprises with an application focus in carbon black industry for tyres, industrial rubber goods etc.
  • Specific area of activity of the partner: Precipitated or highly dispersed silica technology
  • Task to be performed: The company/institute should be able to develop silica manufacturing technology and license the technology

Solar PV; Solid waste/ Waste water management; Green / Sustainable construction technologies

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought from companies who have worked in the field of:

  1. 1MW Solar PV power turnkey project
  2. Solid waste / Waste water management
  3. Green / Sustainable construction technologies
  4. Funding
0158W_ENVI_B Gas sensors Seeking EU partnership in gas sensor technology (infrared, zirconia, semi conductors) for air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons and process gases. The prospective partner should be a manufacturer of gas sensors or should have technical knowhow for manufacturing gas sensors. The company should be open for collaboration in the form of technical cooperation agreement, license agreement or joint manufacturing agreement.
0167E_ENVI_B Coal/Coke Briquetting To improvise and adopt latest EU technology specially the briquetting press of higher capacity and different application
0168E_ENVI_B MSW to Energy

Looking for advanced EU biomethanation/ controlled combustion technology.

0169E_ENVI_B Sea Water Desalination

Seeking applicable EU technology - Reverse Osmosis with suitable energy recovery device for Sea water desalination.

0170E_ENVI_B Sewage Treatment and Recycle Seeking applicable EU technology like A2O/ SBR/ MBBR followed by UF/Micro-filtration or MBR
0173E_ENVI_B Sea Water Desalination

Looking for EU based seawater Desalination technology of range : 40 mld – 200 mld
- Reverse Osmosis
- Thermal desalting technology

0176E_ENVI_B Industrial effluent treatment

The Indian company is currently seeking for joint venture agreement, license agreement or technical cooperation agreement from EU companies regarding:
1. Advanced technologies for Industrial Effluent Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants which are compact, low in operating cost and have low maintenance.
2. Technologies for Zero Liquid Discharge
3. Advanced Technologies for Air Pollution Control Equipment for process sector industries

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